I Talk To My Dog


I talk to my dog. I mean, there’s the usual things like commands telling her to sit, stay, shake, down, drop. I tell her good girl. And BAD DOG.

But when I say I talk to my dog, I mean I hold actual, one-way conversations with her. I ask her about her day. And I tell her about mine. I ask her what I should do about this or that. I walk her through what I’m making for dinner. I tell her what I’m thinking. I treat her as if she’s a human friend who has the capability of understanding and responding. (Sometimes, she growls at me, and I respond to her in a conversational tone and we just go back and forth that way.)

I realize that I’m not actually talking to Stella but really just talking aloud to myself. I sound like a crazy person. But I’m posting this in hopes of learning others do this, too.


5 thoughts on “I Talk To My Dog

  1. Lol that’s just adorable XD I sometimes talk to my dog as well though probably ain’t to the level that you do hahaha.
    Btw just curious, do you have any suggestions on how to play with a dog? I’ve been thinking of ways to play with mine so that I can spend more time with him.

    Perhaps you can give some ideas?

    Your pal,

    1. What can I say?! She’s my best friend!
      I love going to dog parks. It gives them a chance to run out their energy, time outside, and a place to socialize with other doggies without them feeling territorial.

      1. Actually, when she was a puppy she started growling and was very standoffish to new dogs. It took a lot of time and patience, taking her to Petsmart to let her walk around other dogs, to get her comfortable. Now, she loves meeting new dogs, but we’re careful regardless.

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