College: Best Years of My Life

People say to enjoy high school because it will be the best years of your life. For me, that was definitely college. However, if you would have told me that my freshman year, I would have told you: no freaking way. But it definitely got better as the years went on.

Freshman year was difficult. Moving away from home was really hard on me, much harder than I anticipated. School was much harder than I expected it to be. It didn’t help that I was taking intro classes that didn’t pertain to my major, so I was pretty disinterested. BUT second semester was a turning point. I joined Texas Zephyrs, a service organization. I had thought a little bit about transferring schools, but this organization, and the girls that became such great friends to me, persuaded me to stay.

Sophomore year was definitely the year where I did exponentially better in school. And I was enjoying the more social aspect as well. I started hanging out with Andy, Martin, and Loren. We studied together. Loren and I hung out in the boys’ dorm room because it was closer to our classes than our apartments. I finally went to my first UT football game. I really threw myself into TZ and volunteering. I became really close to a lot of the other girls. (Shout out to Kat, Alexis, Marla, Ashley E, Noelle, Brenda, Olivia; miss ya’ll!)

By far, my favorite year of college was junior year. Loren, Andy, Martin, and I decided to rent an apartment together. This was by far the best/worst decision we could have made. I think they would agree with me on this. On the one hand, I had my best friends with me pretty much 24/7. On the other hand, I had my best friends with me pretty much 24/7 (what I mean by this is we definitely got on each other’s nerves…. A LOT). We had fun, though. I could always count on them for anything. Whether it was a ride to or from the library late at night or midnight snack run to the convenience store. I proofread more of Martin’s papers than I ever cared to. Andy and Martin liked to play 2K16 at midnight when Loren and I were trying to sleep. Living with them was an experience that I’m glad I can take with me into adulthood.

My seventh semester, AKA senior year, was not all that exciting. I was getting ready to graduate. I travelled to San Antonio pretty much every weekend to see Avery. I had an easier class load than previous semesters so I was coasting. It was basically one big countdown to walking the stage.

Overall, I had a great college experience. I met some of the most amazing people and had some unforgettable experiences. Looking back, I wish I could have done more. I would have travelled abroad. I would have tried to participate in more campus-wide activities earlier on in my college career. I would have joined a few more orgs. Hindsight is always 20/20. However, these are all lessons I can pass on to my future, UT-bound children.

Hook ‘Em!


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