A Day In The Life: Stella’s Beach Day


While Stella is a social dog now, she hasn’t always been this way. As a younger puppy, she did not like new dogs. New humans were more than okay in her book, but every time she encountered a dog, growling and barking and other unpleasant sounds would come out of her tiny little body. Thankfully, she was still young enough that we were still able to successfully socialize her much less effort had she been older and stuck in her ways. It just took time, not giving up, and lots of butt sniffing (on her end) to get her comfortable meeting new pups. Now I would categorize her as a social butterfly.

Her days include going down to the apartment complex dog park and hoping that a friend is there for her to play and wrestle with. (I also hope for this as it will mean I do not have to entertain the little ball of energy.) Often, if no dogs are at her disposal to play with, I like to take her on walks so as to hopefully run into another dog to greet or a nice human friend that wants to pay mind to crazy, little puppy.

This weekend was a treat for little Stella. Avery and I took her down to the dog beach. She loves the dog beach. The times we have visited, there’s anywhere from 15-30 dogs roaming off-leash at this beach. She was in heaven. Places like this are great for dogs, especially in the summer. The dogs are, for the most part, well mannered. And I don’t even mind the crazy ones because mine is included in that group.

While Stella loves her toys and tennis balls at home, when she’s outside surrounded by friends, she is completely disinterested. So when other dogs were chasing down balls thrown out in the water, Stella spent her time chasing down those dogs. She splashed and ran and played her little heart out. We stayed out until us humans who weren’t frolicking in the water were sweaty and on the verge of overheating.

I love seeing my puppy playing and having the time of her life. She spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping off her exhaustion. It was a day well-spent for us both.



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