Irresponsible Pet Owners

Avery and I live in a dog friendly apartment complex. Something we absolutely love. They don’t have breed restrictions or weight restrictions which is absolutely amazing when taking into consideration the condition of the complex (it’s not rundown or super old, which is a problem we kept running into when looking for dog-friendly communities). We love were we live.

With that said, there is a growing problem. Dog poop. Knowing you live in a dog-friendly apartment complex does not give you the right to allow your dogs to poop wherever and then NOT PICK IT UP! WHAT THE HECK?! (I’m particularly passionate about this because I accidentally stepped in one of these surprises a few days ago.) If you own a dog, and live in an apartment, pick up after your animal! It’s not fair to everyone else that: one, doesn’t have a dog and two, does have dogs and are responsible enough to pick up their dog’s poop.

And the people around here have absolutely no excuse not to pick up after their puppies because our apartment is gracious enough to provide pet waste bags and designated pet waste trash cans. Yet, there are accumulating piles of poop around our apartment, in the grass and in the parking lot. I can’t take Stella out at night anymore because I’m afraid either she or I will step in a fresh pile of poo. If I find out whoever is letting their dogs go wherever they please (I’m not blaming the doggies what-so-ever because they don’t know better), they better be ready for the biggest rant of their lives.



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