Social Anxiety: Number One Reason Why My Dog Is My Best Friend


I am shy. And I have social anxiety in certain situations. Even writing this post, knowing that others are going to read my words, makes me anxious. But it’s precisely why I’m doing it. I’ve always been more soft-spoken and for a long time, I thought I would always be that way. Of course just because I’m naturally more introverted and soft-spoken, doesn’t mean I’m destined to stay like this forever. And staying shy will not do anything for the anxiety I feel.

My anxiety stems from the fact that I feel every interaction I have with most people is that they are judging me. So I figure the less social interaction I have with people, the less they can judge me. That’s my logic. The problem with this is that I will always be saddled with anxiety because I cannot escape social interactions if I want to be a normal, functioning human in our society.

I also want to say that my social anxiety isn’t all consuming or off-the-charts bad. And I don’t feel it in all social situations. Talking to strangers is when it’s at its worst. Even group settings, in which I don’t know a lot of people, can set it off. It’s simply something I would like to grow out of. My social anxiety manifests by verbal withdrawal and loss of thought process. I also sometimes feel my heart rate increase, which of course only makes me feel only more anxious.

I’m writing this post because it’s something I want to move beyond. I don’t want to feel anxiety because I think people are judging me. One, I should not care if strangers are judging me. Two, I’ve had people tell me that they thought I was conceited or uptight because of my silence and shyness. So people are making judgments regardless of the fact that I don’t talk so obviously my tactic isn’t working so well. Three, I hate the feeling of anxiety. And finally, I just want to be able to make friends as easily as other people seem to. This is my first step towards living with my social anxiety in a healthier way. Wish me luck.


7 thoughts on “Social Anxiety: Number One Reason Why My Dog Is My Best Friend

  1. Well done for writing this post and secondly for increased awareness of social anxiety. I have lived with it but managed to overcome most of it. My son has not been able to overcome it but has made huge gains. A breakthrough came for me when I did two things. Watched others and saw how they operated. Many times they did things and I noticed that people did not judge them for it but simply accepted it and moved on. So I then figured that would apply to me too. Second was I learnt to ask questions. .lots of them in group situations. People live to talk about themselves and by asking questions you gain their attention, learn a hell of a lot and people feel like you care. Hope that helps

  2. Well done for this! It is such an inspiring post. I have social anxiety and I find writing on here is the best thing for me. I feel that if I write my worries on here it eases them from my mind. I’m following you, I can’t wait to read the rest of your blog!

    1. I just spent the last twenty minutes on your blog, and it’s amazing. You’re so positive, and I love the thoughts you put out into the world. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. (:

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