Life Update: We’re Building Our New Home!

Avery and I have been looking at building a house for over a year now. But we moved to Florida so it wasn’t the right time. Before we made any kind of decision, we wanted to look at as many home builders and home sites as we could so we would have a good idea of what we were looking for and what we wanted to spend. We made lots of visits to model homes and spoke to many salespeople. It took us over a year to really nail down what we were looking for/compromise on a floor plan (He wanted a two story with way more space than I thought was necessary since we don’t have kids/ don’t plan to have kids for a while).

Here’s some things I’ve learned since starting this whole process:

  1. Where I had previously believed that Avery and I are opposites on many design aspects, our core design concepts are not so different. We both like to keep things simple and clean. So this was a good starting point for most of our choices. We didn’t want to go extravagant with any of our design decisions. Keeping hardware and colors simple was an easy decision with us.
  2. Everything seems to fall into place once you make the decisions most important to you. We decided to spend money to upgrade the kitchen options. We went with dark colored maple cabinets and beautiful quartz countertops. And then from there, the rest of our decisions were based off the color combo of the countertop and cabinet colors and what we thought complimented those choices.
  3. There’s a lot of paying the waiting game. We didn’t have our first design appointment until almost two months after we signed the papers and put down the earnest money to save our lot. In this time, we were in contact with the loan company and heard back once or twice from our salesman as he checked in with us. Since our design appointments though, we have seen the city go out and set up temporary electrical and our salesman has said that they should start working on the foundation this week. So, things are finally moving. And the waiting isn’t getting any easier.
  4. It adds up. Fast. I can see how some people can get caught up in adding every option possible. That’s why Avery and I focused on the big-ticket items that we wanted to roll into our mortgage and left other things to upgrade in the future. We didn’t bother with any of the add-ons that we could easily change in the future like door knobs, light fixtures, faucets, or doors.

The process of building has been great so far. I absolutely can’t wait until they’re finished. We still have months to go, but I have a feeling it’s going to fly by and move in day will be here before we know it. Then I will have the pleasure of shopping for furniture and home decor…


3 thoughts on “Life Update: We’re Building Our New Home!

  1. Any experience I have with home building is from watching HGTV so…. not much. I hope it gets done quicker than you expect and looks exactly like you imagine it in your head!

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