Where Do We Go From Here?


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In light of Sunday night’s events, I feel the need to write and get all of my thoughts out to make sense of what happened. It seems as though every year we go through the same old song and dance that highlights that what we’re doing now is broken, it doesn’t work. Last year, we saw Pulse Nightclub brutally attacked. The year before, San Bernardino was targeted. And Sunday, Las Vegas was the center of the most devastating shooting in US history. How is our leadership okay with this? How can we, as citizens, be okay with a gunman marching into an elementary school and taking the lives of 20 innocent children? How does “more people with more access to guns” help in this situation? How many times do we have to have this conversation, and how many more people have to die before we do something about it?

I’m not at all advocating for taking guns away (my household has two) , but I do think there should be more steps in place to prevent people who shouldn’t have access to guns from getting them. It’s harder for a woman to get an abortion than it is for someone to get a gun in this country: there’s a 24 hour waiting period, they must be made aware of adoption alternatives, as well as have only 400 clinics within the US to get it done. Of course, abortions aren’t a right written into the Constitution, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison, but it’s the best one I’ve got.

We need to open the dialogue and have this discussion. Advocates of less gun control, what are your thoughts? I am in no way excluding anyone from this conversation. Please, tell me what you think the right solution is because no matter the side of the issue you stand on, we can all agree there is a problem. Now, how do we solve it?

To the victims of this senseless tragedy and their families: my heart goes out to every single one of you. To anyone who has lost someone, we are here with love and support. I understand that hearing those words are the last thing you want to have to hear, I know nothing will quiet quell the ache in your heart, just know we hurt for you.

And to the legislature and leadership of this country: help us. Do something so we can stop being reactive in these situations. Let’s do something proactive. Please. Anything. Just a conversation will do for now.



14 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. I don’t live in the US but I’m definitely opposed to the fact that basically anyone can buy and bear arms. Here in Denmark so few people own guns and those who do are either hunters or policemen or other. It is definitely not easy to get ahold of. And hey, we don’t have regular school shootings here, so mayyyybe those two may be related to each other. I’m so sad about what happened in Las Vegas, no one should ever have to experience something like that.
    I know you won’t be able to take all the guns away from the people since Americans like their weapons pretty darn much, but I do think something has to be done. Be it the price of ammunition going up, making it harder to get ahold of, doing more extensive background checks etc.

    1. Many people are even advocating for mental health care because of this. Our country has a lot of problems at the moment and there’s so much division on our issues that it makes it impossible to get anything beneficial done.

  2. Yes Las Vegas was such a tragedy. The United States is literally the only country in the world were it is so easy to own and carry lethal weapons. A person is more likely to be shot with a gun in the US than almost all countries in the world. That is a problem! Gun rights should not be such a sensitive topic. It needs to be discussed. Hand guns and artillery weapons were made for one reason and that does not include hunting… I think it is time for real reform. Your point about abortion was right on. My heart goes out to those families as well.

    1. Whil I don’t necessarily agree about hand guns, as I own two, something needs to change. It should be more difficult to own such a dangerous weapon. People for less gun control say that it’s not dangerous if you know how to handle it, but the thing is you don’t have to know how to handle it to buy it so that point doesn’t matter.
      I really don’t know what the right answer is, but it certainly isn’t what we’re doing. Which isn’t much of anything.

  3. The constitutional right you spoke of was enacted when Americans were using muskets; not automatics that can hold hundreds of bullets in a single magazine. As such, I feel that NO ONE needs access to an automatic or semi automatic weapon for personal use- there is no reason for it at all.

    But just to point out, the shooter in Vegas obtained all of his guns legally, meaning, even if there were stricter rules on who is allowed to buy/own a gun, he still would have qualified to purchase them. But on that same note, it has been reported that he had 40 some guns over multiple properties. That’s not okay. I’m shocked he wasn’t on some sort of watch list from that alone.

    1. I do understand he got all of his guns lawfully, but isn’t that crazy?! Maybe if we had more checkpoints to buying weapons, it would act as a deterrent? We don’t know because states aren’t willing to try because “the second amendment protects my right to bear arms”. Which I think is BS. There has to be a limit at some point, no? As I pointed out in my post, it’s 10x harder for women to legally get an abortion than a gun which has the same ability to take a life.

      I don’t know the right answer. Still trying to figure out my thoughts on the issue. My other issue is people saying we shouldn’t be having this conversation because it’s too soon, and we need to be grieving. Why can’t I grieve and be angry that this is even possible?!? I’m so sad and angry that I want things to change.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Thank you so much saying this! I too am disgusted by the tragic attack, praying for families, and empathetic. But I also think thoughts and prayers are not enough! Gun laws have to change. The abortion example really puts things into perspective on where our leadership’s priorities are. That’s pretty sad.

    1. I didn’t think abortion was the best example and I didn’t want to bring politics into this post because to me, gun control isn’t political. It’s about safety, and at this point, a national security matter. But people don’t understand the irony of putting up so many barriers to preserve a fetal life and not the same when dealing with these types of weapons. Especially when we continually see gun violence of this magnitude. It’s expected at this point.

  5. Americans forget that the right to bear arms was also to prevent slaves from killing their masters. You need a license to drive a car, a passport to travel, a blood test & license to get married but you can go to Walmart and buy a gun. Doesn’t make any sense!

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