Plans and Goals


I spent over an hour yesterday, reading and writing about New Years Resolutions. I’ve broken my goals down into four categories: personal, fianncial, health, and family.

I want to look back a year from now and know what I was striving for in 2018. And for accountability sake, I’ll make it pubblic knowledge so we can all take a look at how well the steps I took towards bettering myself worked out at the end of this year.

Worry less over what other people think of me. I’ve wirtten about this before on this blog, but I think it’s time for it to actively, conciously work on this goal through 2018.
Find out what’s important to me, and focus my energy on that. In the past, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy on things that I truned out not to be passionate about, or was just a passing fad. I want to feel passionate about something again, and hopefully I can find that something in 2018.

Cut my loan debt in half. “Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of student loan debt by the end of 2018?” – Me yesterday, so I thought I would take the opportunity to turn it into a 2018 goal today.
Start investing in my future. I’ve read so many personal finance articles this year about starting to save earlier rather than later is the key to being able to retire comfortably with less effort thanks to our friend, compounding interest.

Eat cleaner/ eat out less. This one is tough. While Avery and I are pretty good about not eating out excessively, we definitely use it often enough when we feel lazy about cooking. It’s something we can work on this year.
Be excited about working out. I like to work out my legs… and not much else. It’s the one day that I really push myself. Meaning I see much more progress there than any other muscle group. I want to be more excited about my other gym days so I can make the most of my time in the gym.

Plan to spend more time with Avery and Stella. I just want to put forth the effort to spend quality time with my family rather than wasting our weekends away watching tv on the couch or not spending as much time with Stella as we should.

And one last one for fun: Convince Avery to plan another cruise for next year. Look at that beautiful picture up there of Haiti! If you happen to know Avery personally, help me out and tell him we need to plan a vacation!

If you think of any tips I could use for any of my goals, leave a comment letting me know. And what do you have planned for the new year?


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