Women Are More Than Fodder for Locker Room Talk


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Credit: Ezra Jeffrey, https://unsplash.com/photos/PoUyJRDqkU0


Everyone who has a social media account has seen Donald Trump’s leaked footage of him talking about women in a vulgar, demeaning, and derogatory manner. He defended his words by noting that it was “locker room talk”, that the leaked audio is from over 10 years ago, and by deflecting the situation back to Bill Clinton’s alleged misdeeds. Let’s address these issues one by one.

All people need to be treated with respect: women and men, gay or straight, young or old. The defense “locker room talk” should not be a defense. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, it should not be said in the confines of a male locker room. Ten times out of ten, a man wouldn’t have the audacity to say this in front of their mothers, daughters, or sisters.

Time can actually be a valid defense. This defense can be used if a change for the better has been seen in the individual after the initial incident. The case for Trump is bleak. He has treated women much the same since this audio was filmed. He has not redeemed himself through his actions since his 2005 conversation.

Actions of others have absolutely no bearing on what you, as an individual, do or say. Humans are autonomous. Bill Clinton’s previous actions do not have anything to do with what Donald Trump said ten years ago. Bill Clinton’s previous actions do not give Trump permission to say what he did. (I am not defending Clinton.) If Trump were genuinely apologetic, he would focus entirely on his actions and sincerely ask for forgiveness.


I don’t want to talk about the politics of this situation. I want to talk about the character, or lack thereof, with the situation. If you haven’t yet heard Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush, to sum it up, he acts as if women are objects at his disposal and speaks about them as sexual beings only.

Respect has been lost for women for a very long time. In popular media and Hollywood, women are often depicted as less than men if given any attention at all. We are more than sexual beings. We are intelligent, thoughtful, important, and a necessary part of society. We are not property. We are not objects.

Men: learn to respect women for what they bring, and what they are capable of bringing, to the table. Women: learn to respect yourself for who you are, and find a man (or woman) who makes you feel respected. Should you choose to have children, instill in them a core respect for others. Do not be a Trump. Do not continue to act as if words do not carry weight in our society. Do not perpetuate the idea that women are disposable to men. It can only serve to separate rather then unite us together.